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Services We Provide

Civil Engineering

Land Surveying

Drainage Design

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Lot Grading Plan

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Preliminary Engineering

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Residential Site Design

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Storm Water Design

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Utility Design

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Commercial Site Design

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ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey

ALTA/ACSM surveys are typically used for commercial real estate, showing existing improvements on a site relative to its boundaries as you see them on the deed. They also show improvements, easements, rights-of-way, zoning classifications, waterfronts, and much more. ALTA/ACSM is a comprehensive, and therefore, a rather expensive survey.

Boundary Survey

Boundary surveys are used to identify and confirm the corners and boundary lines of a parcel of land. They may include easement lines, encroachments, flood zone lines and exterior fence locations in relation to the property line.

Construction Survey

Construction surveys consist of many different types of surveys; foundation tie-in surveys, stake out features and structures like roads, utilities, walls, and buildings within a construction project, establishing and setting benchmarks, under construction and final construction elevation certificates and final surveys. We offer a full range of construction surveys from beginning to end.

Certified Parcel Survey

Parcel Certification surveys are required in order to divide a piece of land into two parcels. The division of the property requires approval by local government agencies. Depending on what jurisdiction your property lies in, you may be allowed to divide a piece of land into two parcels without formal approval. However, in order to obtain future permits, it must be approved by the Zoning Department.

Flood Elevation Certificate

A Flood Elevation Certificate is a form provided by FEMA and is prepared  by an Engineer and/or Surveyor that will provide elevation data in order to properly rate properties for flood insurance and determine where, precisely, your home or structure is located in relationship to the Base Flood Elevation (BFE).


A LOMA is an application process used to submit elevation data to FEMA to remove a structure or a parcel of land which has not been elevated by the placement of fill and is above the Base Flood Elevation (BFE). The typical outcome of the LOMA process is a Removal Certification by FEMA.


Flood Zone Correction/Removal is the process of obtaining detailed information on the subject property or structure to utilize in the application that we present to FEMA for a Letter of Map Amendment or Revision removing or correcting an existing flood zone. This benefits the property owner by increasing their real estate value by removing them from a Special Flood Hazard Area and also eliminates the Mandatory Purchase Requirement for Flood Insurance. If Flood Insurance is still desired, the premium is reduced. This information is provided on FEMA approved Forms. See www.floodtip.com for more information.

Mortgage Survey

A Mortgage Survey is used for refinancing or for the transfer of property. The survey includes the location of all improvements on the property in relation to the boundary and easements (per recorded plat or title search) affecting the subject property.

Site Planning Survey

Site planning surveys combine boundary, topographic and tree surveys with architectural drawings in order to obtain a permit for development prior to the start of construction. They are used to design commercial and industrial sites, house lots, subdivisions, playgrounds, and stores, among other things.

Subdivision Platting

Subdivision Platting are what they sound like: surveys used to divide land into smaller lots. Platting is required and approved by local government agencies to plan streets, lots, and drainage. The jurisdiction, which your property lies in, will determine what type of survey is required in order to divide into smaller lots. The trend for master-planned communities makes heavy use of subdivision surveys.

Topographic Survey

A Topographic Survey depicts the shape of the land. It uses contour lines and/or spot elevations which indicate a specific elevation measured from Mean Sea Level, to display the three dimensional features of the property onto a two dimensional surface. A topographic survey includes both natural and man-made features. It’s common to elevation breaks, bodies of water along with major buildings, fences, roads, transmission lines, and property boundaries on a topographic survey. A topographic survey is used for a variety of uses including planning and zoning, site layout, engineering, architectural design and construction.

Tree Survey

A Tree Survey is the recognized way of obtaining objective information about trees on any parcel of land. A range of data is collected during a tree survey including the number, species, size and location of trees. This is typically in conjunction with a topographic survey and is used in site layout, engineering, architectural design and construction.

Wetland Delineation Survey

Wetlands have always been important to our surrounding environment, but have become especially important in recent years with the spreading of developments.  A wetland delineation must be conducted by the EPC or a private wetland scientist.  To delineate the wetlands, a wetland scientist will use flagging tape or flags to mark the boundary line of the wetland and provide a report of their determination.  This wetland line is then located by the land surveyor and plotted on a boundary survey and submitted to the EPC for approval. A approved wetland line is good for 5 years.

Wetzone Survey

Wet zoning surveys are made to support the application for a particular class of beverage permit. These surveys show the parent tract and the proposed wet zone area. Residential zoned properties, churches, public and private schools, day cares, public parks, hospitals and other properties selling alcohol are shown on the survey that lie within the within the buffer distance set by the type of beverage zoning requested.

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